Types of Pearl


Baroque Pearls
Pearls, both natural and cultured, which have an irregular shape.

Greyish, greenish, or brownish-black. Found in the Gulf of California, Mexico. The colour is caused by the content of the sea water. SG 2.61-2.69

A cultured blister pearl (Mabe)

Cultured blister pearls produced by cementing a small pellet of ‘mother-of-pearl’ to the inside of the molluscs shell. The resulting ‘blister pearl’ is sawn out of the shell and a dome-shaped piece of ‘mother-of-pearl’ is then cemented to its base to cover the area lacking nacre. SG 2.72-2.78

Cultured pearls (often oval or baroque in shape) formed on the shored of Lake Biwa in Japan. They are grown in large freshwater mussels by inserting fragments of mantle into the mussel. SG 2.67-2.70

This is a pearl that has formed within the pearl mollusc and is spheroid in shape.

These are found in many clams and mussels in rivers and lakes in Canada, Scandinavia and the U.K.

These are fished off the coast of Florida, the Gulf of California, and Mexico. SG 2.85