Pearls & Beads

All kinds of necklaces, bracelets etc. can be repaired. This almost always involves “restringing”.

Do not be fooled by the term, I use high quality silks and silk mixes for strength in all my work, except in cases where it is more suitable to use gut or specialised elastic.

Prices and waiting time can vary based on the size and type of pearls or beads, the number of strands, length of strands and whether or not they require to be knotted.

Prices start from only 5.75 GBP

Other services which are also offered include

  • Re-grading: Where you have different sized pearls loose (such as in a bag) which require to be ordered by size before being restrung
  • Drilling: in cases where your pearls have been glued the holes will need to be re-drilled. This can be a time consuming process as it is obviously necessary to do this without damaging the pearl appearance. I only use specialised fixative which preserves your pearls and prevents the need for further re-drilling
  • Necklaces can be re-designed to sit with a side catch
  • Regular spacers, genuine gold spacers, jump-rings and a very wide selection of replacement catches can also be supplied

Please send as much detail as you can via my contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible with an estimated price.

Normal waiting time for repairs is 2-4 weeks.