Who is Ilona?


Hi, I’m Ilona.

I have been restringing pearls and beads for over twenty years. I started out by helping my brother Martin in his shop in Glasgow and after many requests for pearl and bead restringing decided that as I was confident with macrame, embroidery and tapestry this would be a good progression.

I bought a small kit and some books and got practicing. As I got more requests I took on ever increasingly complicated jobs and my skills started to spread through word of mouth throughout the local jewellery trade.

In the beginning I took on work from shops in Glasgow, Paisley, Johnstone and East Kilbride. I have now built this service to cover several high street stores in Glasgow and more than 60 independent retailers.

Initially I would personally collect and deliver packages but as the business has expanded this is no longer practical so transactions are now completed by secure post.

I really enjoy my work and would do it for free if I didn’t have so many mouths to feed. Despite being mostly self-taught I have now attended courses and events in both Glasgow and Birmingham and have invested in market leading tools and equipment.

Now for the first time you can skip the middle man and come to me direct for unbelievable value. You can always speak to me directly and have your own pearls or beads restored, recycled or updated to your own bespoke specifications.